Photographic Tourism

Photographic tourism is that form of special interest tourism in which tourists visits a particular place with primary aim of photographing subjects that are unique to him/her. The scope of photograph may range from landscape, potraits, architectural, culture, food, and wildlife to even macro subjects. The activities in this kind of tourism range from walking safaris, hiking, bush dinner, rafting, game viewing and game drives as follows;

Sport fishing

Sport fishing is an increasingly popular non-consumptive form of wildlife utilization for both local and foreign tourists. The idea of sport fishing is to go fishing, catch a fish take a picture and then release the fish. TAWA’s protected areas offer a great variety of fishes like Tiger Fish and cat fish. The most popular locations in areas under jurisdiction of TAWA for sport fishing are Rufiji River, Lake Ulanga and Lake Matandu which are all located in the Selous Game Reserve.

Walking safaris

A walking safari is an activity for tourists interested in visiting Tanzania’s natural attractions in Game Reserves, Game Controlled Areas, Wildlife Management Areas or Ramsar Sites. Walking safaris are usually guided by a ranger or game scout guaranteeing the protection against the different dangers from wildlife.

Biking safaris

Biking safari is offered in Grumeti Game Reserve and Kilwa Ruins to provide tourist with different taste of satisfaction.

Game Drive

Game drive is offered in Game Reserves, Game Controlled Areas and Wildlife Management Areas. It is most popular in like Maswa, Ikorongo Grumeti, Mpanga Kipengere, Kijereshi Game Reserves. Other places include Lake Natron Game GCA, Ikona WMA, Burunge WMA, Randilen, Simanjiro, Mto wa Mbu, Enduimet etc.

Bird Watching

Observation of live birds in their natural habitat is a popular pastime and scientific sport that has developed almost entirely in the 20th century. Bird-watching is made possible largely by the development of optical aids, particularly binoculars which enabled people to see and study wild birds without harming them.

Bird watching is offered in Game Reserves, Game Controlled Areas and and Wildlife Management Areas.

Canoeing/ Boat Safari

It is offered in Lukwati Piti Game Reserve and along Kilwa Ruins beaches.


Is one way of experiencing African bush. It is offered in Game Reserves, Game Controlled Areas and Wildlife Management Areas.