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Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism is an autonomous public institution that was established by the Wildlife Conservation (The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority) Establishment Order, 2014. It is responsible for undertaking the administration and sustainable management of wildlife resource and biodiversity conservation outside National Parks and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This entails managing a total area of 169,553 km2 (79% of the total size of protected areas in the country) comprising of Game Reserves, Game Controlled Areas and open areas.

What we do

TAWA's mission is to conserve and sustainably utilize wildlife resources in protected areas. For this, TAWA collaborates with local communities and other national and international stakeholders. So present and future generations of Tanzanians as well as the global community can benefit from it.

Giraffes in the Selous game reserve

Wildlife development

The activities undertaken in these areas are Ecological Monitoring through among others; conducting wildlife census, fire management and diseases control. Other activities include Wildlife habitat manipulation to sustain wildlife populations during harsh climatic conditions. Read more

Rangers in car in action

Wildlife protection

Protecting wildlife in protected areas such as Game Reserves or Wildlife Management Areas. The activities undertaken in these areas are e.g. strengthening law enforcement at entry and exit points, anti-poaching, problem animal control or investigation and prosecution. Read more

Air strip in the Selous game reserve

Wildlife utilization

The authority is responsible for supervising utilization of wildlife resources found in Game Reserves, Game Controlled Areas, Open Area, Wildlife Management Areas and overseeing tourism business development in these areas. It is responsible for both consumptive and non-consumptive wildlife utilization. Read more

Community outreach - Assessing damages caused by wildlife

Community Based Conservation

The Authority works with communities around protected areas to ensure they are that they are participating in conservation activities through Cost Benefit Sharing. It also disseminates conservation education to communities, schools and collages. Read more