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Serengeti District, Mara Region


242.3 km²


Ikona Wildlife Management Area covers five villages namely Robanda, Nyichoka, Makundusi-Nyakitono, Park-Nyigoti and Natta-Mbisso. It borders Serengeti National Park in Robanda village in South and South-east. On the South and South-west, the WMA borders Grumeti Game Reserve. On the East and North-east, it borders with the Ikorongo Game Reserve and on the West, it borders with the Sasakwa consession area. The WMA is also bisected by the Seronera-Mugumu road which passes through Robanda village.

Animals to find

Elephants, Lions, Buffaloes, Giraffe, Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Warthog, Leopard, Topi, Roan antelope, Lesser and Greater Kudu, Klipspringer, Zebra, Hippopotamus, White and Black Colobus Monkey and Crocodiles.

How to access?

Fort Ikoma airstrip (about 8 km) and Mugumu (20 Km) are closest airstrips from the WMA. Furthermore, the WMA is about 270 km from Arusha airport.

Investment opportunities

Tourist hunting, photographic safaris and flying camps.