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S: 8, 19, 13.4
E: 32, 15, 55.4


5000 km²


Uwanda Game Reserve, southwest of Tanzania, in Rukwa Region is 80 percent covered by Lake Rukwa, famous for having largest population of crocodiles. While currently there are no tourism activities taking place in the reserve, however, it has the potential for sport fishing, boating and walking safaris. Part of the reserve that is on land has large numbers of buffalo and elephants.

Animals to find

Variety of fish species including tilapia, sardines and mighty mud fish.


Since most part of Uwanda Game Reserve is water of Lake Rukwa, shores of the lake have papyrus reeds that breeding ground for bird species which number 350 including ducks, and migratory water birds. Miombo trees and acacias cover the land part of the reserve.

Things to do

Protect natural resources, walking safaris and fishing.

How to access?

By air and road using 4 x 4 all weather vehicles.

Investment opportunities

Photographic tourism, sport fishing, boating and walking safaris.