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S: 7, 7, 42.5
E: 32, 5, 1.48


494 km²


Rukwa Game Reserve, established in 1995 in Mulele District Katavi Region, south west of Tanzania, boasts of having larger African elephants than in other reserves and large herds of rare Puku; hot water springs at Maji Moto and 350 bird species on Lake Rukwa.

Animals to find

Rare Puku, hippopotamus, buffaloes, lions, giraffe, wild dogs, elephants antelopes, crocodiles and snakes. 


Miombo woodlands and grassslands, papyrus reeds on parts of the shores of Lake Rukwa.

Things to do

Tourism hunting, fishing and bee keeping

How to access?

By small airplanes landing at airstrips at Katavi National Park, Mpanda in Katavi Region; Namanyere and at Sumbawanga. By road from Dar-es-Salaam to Rukwa Game Reserve via Tunduma 1,421 kilometers.

Investment opportunities

Tourism hunting and photographing, boating and sport fishing on Lake Rukwa.