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S: 40, 44, 30.8
E: 73, 59, 21.5


11,430 km²


Moyovosi Game Reserve is located on the western part of Tanzania near the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika in Kaliua (Tabora Region, Kibondo and Kakonko district in Kigoma Region). Its main feature is the Moyowosi and Malagarasi rivers which form one of the four Ramsar Sites in Tanzania.

Animals to find

Crocodiles, hippos, waterbuck, lion, hartebeest and birds species such as shoe bill, wattled cranes and ducks.


swamps with papyrus reeds, miombo woodland grassland in the flood plain and riverine forest.

Things to do

Tourism hunting, beekeeping and fishing.

How to access?

By air and road and boat.

Investment opportunities

Photographic tourism and bird watching.