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S: 3, 17, 3.7
E: 34, 35, 49.6


2,200 km²


Maswa Game Reserve, established in 1962 and located in Meatu, Itilima and Bariadi districts in Simiyu Region, plays a major part to wildebeests seeking pasture and calving when plains of Serengeti National Park are dry. After calving, the wildebeests continue  northwards to Maasai-Mara Game Reserve in Kenya in their annual migration looking for pasture.

Animals to find

Wildebeest, buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, roan antelope, Coke's hartebeest, East African impala, Thomson and Robert's gazelle, zebra, dik dik, baboon, eland, warthog, topi and hyena.


Kopjes, thorn scrub and acacia woodland and grassland with areas with short grass plains.

Things to do

Tourism hunting and photographic tourism. 

How to access?

Road network for tourism activities accessible only in dry season. Airstrips at Buturi, Mbono, Makao and Mwamale. 

Investment opportunities

Tourism hunting and photographic tourism.