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Nkasi District, Rukwa Region  


2228.2 km²


Lwafi Game Reserve, in Nkasi ,District, Rukwa Region was established in 1993 due to its diverse vegetation which hosts more than 51 wildlife species including the rare Pukuand elephants which are larger compared to those in other game reserves. There might also be possibilities of having chimpanzees as nest was spotted in 2014.

Animals to find

Leopard, lion, zebra, hippo, buffalo and waterbuck.


Diverse in vegetation which is sparcely distributed in undulating hills dotted by miombo woodland while in some parts with dense miombo forest.

Things to do

Tourism hunting, beekeeping and fishing.

How to access?

By air and landing at Namanyere airstrip or by road via Tunduma.

Investment opportunities

Tourism hunting, beekeeping and fishing.