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Busega District, Simiyu Region


66 km²


Kijereshi Game Reserve in Busega District in Simiyu Region, south of Serengeti National Park, was established in 1994. Being a migratory route for wildlife species, the reserve, which is within the Serengeti ecosystem, turns into a refuge for wildlife in the dry season and at the same time acts as a buffer zone for Serengeti National Park.

Animals to find

Lion, buffalo, elephant, impala, wildebeest, jackal, zebra, ostrich, hyena, warthog and roan antelope.


Serengeti short grass plains.

Things to do

  •  Game Drive

Bush and picnic meals included (Hint: enjoy a Serengeti sunset).

  • Night game drive

For an even more unforgettable experience (Daygame drives for free).

  • Guided nature walk

 Armed ranger services included.

  • Camping (Mobile/special and Public)

Don’t forget firewood for your bonfire

  • Bird watching

Some of the best in the world

  •    Commercial photography/Filming

no entry fees for cameras.

How to access?

  • By Road:

o   3km from Lamadi, 20km from Bunda,86km from Musoma, 137 from Tarime and 135 km from Mwanza city through Mwanza-Musomamain road.

o   471 km from Arusha via Serengeti road and 840km from arusha via Arusha- Shinyanga – Simiyu road.

o    70 km from Bariadi via Simiyu (Bariadi) - Mwanza road

o   154 Km from Sirari boarder to Kenya via Sirari – Mwanza road, 618 km from Rusumo boarder to Rwanda via Rusumo-Shinyanga-Simiyu road and 620 km from NgaraBoarder to Burundi via Ngara-Shinyanga-Simiyu road.

  •   By Air:

Accessed by air through Mwanza airport.


The rainfall pattern of the reserve is bi-modal with short rains starting from October to December and long rains from February to May, dry season is from late June to September, annual temperature varying from 15 to 250C, and relative humidity ranges from 45%-85%.

Investment opportunities

Photographic tourism.