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As part of Tanzania’s wildlife conservation strategy, certain areas of land or sea have been declared as protected areas by the President of Tanzania after consultation with the relevant authorities. These areas are specifically protected for maintenance of biological diversity, natural or associated cultural resources and managed through legal or other effective means. Special rules and regulations apply for these areas, e.g. related to settlement, tourism, hunting and other activities. Depending on their status, the areas are divided into four categories.

Game Reserves

Game Reserves are categories of wildlife protected areas which are declared for the purpose of conservation. Both consumptive and non-consumptive wildlife utilization are allowed after permit has been obtained from the Director of TAWA. No human activities are allowed, unless, with permit granted by the Director of TAWA.

Game Controlled Areas

A Game Controlled Area is an area declared for conservation of wildlife outside village land where activities detrimental to wildlife are prohibited.

List of game controlled areas

Wildlife Management Areas

A Wildlife Management Area is an area set aside for purpose effecting community based wildlife conservation in village land outside protected areas which are used by local community members. 

Ramsar Sites

Ramsar Sites are wetlands of international importance which advocate wise use principles.