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Thanks to collaborations with different partners both locally and internationally, TAWA is implementing conservation activities through Wildlife Conservation Act Number 5 of the year 2009.

Conservation partners

Conservation partners like GIZ, USAID, Belgium Corporation (BTC), KfW are supporting the authority in conservation projects like Infrastructure development; roads, accommodation and airstrips.The support is also registered in provision of anti-poaching equipment and gear. These include provision of vehicles and heavy construction machines for infrastructure development in protected Areas. These partners have also supported the authority in training our rangers in intelligence, investigation and prosecution of wildlife related crimes. NGOs like WCS, WWF and PROTECT are partnering with the authority in different ecosystem conservation and support of the community conservation activities. These include training, research, training of the communities and conservation education. 

International partners

The authority is the implementing authority of some of the international conventions. These include the Convention on the conservation of the Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention), Bonn Convention-Convention on the conservation of the Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), World Heritage Convention and African Eurasian Migratory Water bird Agreement. These agreements are part of the Tanzania obligation to the international community on the conservation of the cultural and natural resources. The authority also gains among other things; financial support and expertise advisory missions.  This convention also helps in the development of the international guidelines to support conservation issues.

Local Communities

One of the authorities core objectives is community conservation Cost Benefit Sharing. Communities are working with TAWA in the management of the Wildlife Management Areas, management of corridors, open areas, dispersal areas and breeding areas that are not directly falling on the TAWA jurisdiction. The authority also ploughs back funds to support community social-economic activities. These include supports to schools, health centers and roads construction. Communities are also playing vast role in efforts again poaching by providing necessary information.

Training and Research Institutes

TAWA works collaboratively with Research and Training Institutes. TAWIRI is the legal research institute for all wildlife related issues in Tanzania.
The authority, also, works with training institution like Mweka Collage of African Wildlife Management, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Dar es salaam University and other wildlife management training center under the ministry of natural resources and Tourism (Pasiansi and Likuyu Seka Maganga). These institutes are instrumental in research and consultancies on issues pertaining to wildlife management.

Local Government

Local governments are the implanting agents of the Wildlife Conservation Act. This includes extension education provision to the local communities. District councils through Districts Game are the great supporters to the authority. 


Photographic and hunting companies are working collaboratively with the authority conservation activities. These include support to ant poaching activities and infrastructure development. These companies have also supported local communities with social economic development activities through their Social corporate responsibility schemes.